Celebrating Peninsula Link's completion

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'Having bought our block of land in 1970, I had always seen the proposed freeway marked in the Melways. I have watched with enormous interest in the construction in Seaford and Frankston North almost daily. I think it is wonderful to see something growing before my eyes' - Dawn

After almost three years since construction began on Peninsula Link, the long awaited 27km link from Carrum Downs to Mt Martha opened to traffic on 18 January 2013.

People can now travel to and from the Peninsula without encountering a single traffic light and bypassing up to nine sets of traffic lights and six major roundabouts. Roads like Frankston Freeway and Moorooduc Highway are experiencing less traffic, making a huge difference to locals who currently face congestion every day.

Share your stories

The freeway was first proposed in 1969 and a lot has happened in the Peninsula Link corridor since then. With construction starting in 2010 and now complete in 2013, the landscape of the area has changed dramatically.

To celebrate this great milestone, we invite you to share your memories, experiences and images of the project over the past four decades, particularly during construction, as a digital history of the project and the transformation of the local community. 

If you have any general concerns or queries relating to Peninsula Link please ask us a question via our Q&A page.

Share your story

To celebrate the completion of Peninsula Link, share your stories and experiences about the making of this landmark project.

Glenbeach 12 mar 2013, 12:13 pm
The freeway took so long to make but It is well worth the wait! I had to drive on it the first day it opened.... It is great to be able to avoid all the traffic, round abouts and stop starting going via Frankston when heading to Melbourne. I love the mobile tree skulpture, and the view while driving down the new Peninsula link. I think the Link is well used already and should have been 3 lane instead of 2...
when going to Mornington and coming off the Moorooduc, having to slow to 60 is a problem. when are they going to make it 100?
Pisces1946 26 feb 2013, 09:53 pm
Overall a great piece of new infrastructure and I have used it about 70 times already doing my local voluntary and community work. Going into Frankston CBD early from Somerville is great as it has taken the load off Moorooduc Rd and I don't use PeninsulaLink at these times. Some of the on-ramp filter lights need looking at by Vic Roads as many are not synchronised for the volumes of traffic at different times of the day. I have experienced a couple of major bottleneck problems early when heading north onto the Frankston Freeway and that needs addressing in my opinion. Having lived in Lavender Lane, Baxter until Xmas I lost my 2003 $44,000 Mazda6 Luxury Sport car to a flood in our street at 3.30am which may have been caused by Abigroup's contruction work happening about 300 mtrs away. It is a low lying area with underground creeks flowing to both bays and the existing drains cannot cope in prolonged heavy rain and the surrounding area's run-off water just ends up in this street. This area of Baxter should never have been allowed to be developed in my opinion 10+ years ago! The car only had water to floor level but my insurance company towed it to Tullamarine and wrote it off and gave me $13,200 so I bought a 2004 Pulsar with 30,000kms for a bit less....only trouble is I have to wind the windows up manually after 35years of having electric ones! ......Pity because I loved my Mazda and I had done 160,000kms in it since new and it was in spotless condition. I did not take up litigation as I could not afford the legal costs trying to prove what I strongly suspected. That's life, I suppose !! Barrie Macmillan
Lanks 26 feb 2013, 05:37 pm
The time saved with the new Peninsula Link is wonderful. I can get to places so much faster and without stopping at any traffic lights or round-a-bout. It wil do wonders for the tourism down on the Peninsula. Tracey
den888 26 feb 2013, 04:57 pm
Yes it's great if you are going down to Portsea on the weekend for a spot of polo. Not great if your a local, during peak hour, who regularly uses the Mornington Peninsula freeway into Springvale Rd and Frankston freeway which has now become one lane merging into it as a result of your fantastic piece of new infrastructure. The last two weeks has made it specially evident new bottlenecks have just been created where Frankston freeway ends and at Thompsons Rd to Springvale Rd. A journey which use to take me 7min now takes 25min
Walts 26 feb 2013, 03:34 pm
the 1st trip down from Ashburton -brilliant,trip home missed east link turn off and ended at Springvale road but great run since then it has saved 20 mins off run and no stress
Med 11 feb 2013, 12:21 pm
We recently had a weekend away to Portsea. The trip down there only took us 1 hour and 15 minutes to travel from Glen Waverley to Portsea. Peninsula Link was a delight to drive on. Thanks and good job.
Danny 10 feb 2013, 01:50 pm
Would have to be the BEST FREEWAY in Australia. I only wish that your company would build ALL our FREEWAYS !!!!
Laur 06 feb 2013, 02:36 pm
Hi there! I'm lovin' the new Peninsula Link freeway, especially the time it saves me driving down on the Mornington Peninsula - It makes driving to the beach with friends during peak season a breeze! :)
Also I was wondering if anybody remembers the story in the news last year of the plane that landed on the asphalt? It was such a feel good story LOL.
Cheers - Lauren